who stole my fur coat?

I have a penchant for picking out and photographing beautiful and luxurious things. As soon as I got my iPhone and downloaded Hipstamatic/Instagram all this got even easier. I'm 29 years old this year, love cats and all animals really and am usually spotted in a vintage floral dress and behind my Chloe Tilia cat-eyed sunglasses. Bliss to me is a Sunday by the poolside reading the National Geographic and some friends, and red velvet cake.

I have this soft spot for French Bulldogs. This little dude is called Frenchiebutt and I’ve just signed on to its Intagram Feed!

Oh, how I long to be by the sea.

Oh, how I long to be by the sea.

A very elegant tea gifted to me from my dearest sister from her travels in Paris.

Day 1

K: Hey, you doing ok?
L: I’ll be fine.

Day 2

K: How was ur day at work? I’m going back to camp tonight.
L: Hey, my day was packed as usual esp nearing the trip.

Anyway, I’ve thought about things very carefully over the past few days and I think we agree that this cannot go on indefinitely without any commitment to a defined course of action.

It is we also agree that the central issue is pride and how it has affected so many of us around you.

How about we take the next two weeks as quiet time off, just clean of contact with each other, to really self-reflect, pray and speak to others for guidance?

Let’s talk when I get back on 8 September. I would very much like to hear from you then.


Day 3:
Complete and utter silence.

A sense of deep sadness bathes my heart and I mentally prepare myself for the worst at Day 14.

Holy smokes…Marchesa made my dream wedding evening gown. In valentine red.