who stole my fur coat?

I have a penchant for picking out and photographing beautiful and luxurious things. As soon as I got my iPhone and downloaded Hipstamatic all this got even easier. I'm 28 years old this year, love cats and all animals really and am usually spotted in a vintage floral dress and behind my Chloe Tilia cat-eyed sunglasses. Bliss to me is a Sunday by the poolside reading the National Geographic and some friends, and red velvet cake.

Vanilla bean panna cotta

Today I tried my hand at making panna cotta after finally getting my hands on gelatin sheets. Boy was it fascinating. As I didn’t have rosewater nor vanilla beans on hand I substituted using rose essence and a few drops of vanilla extract. Works just as good.

Tory Burch’s Pas du Tout, a sheer sheen of apricot rose that reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Note to self: Buy for future apartment. (highstreetmarket.com)