who stole my fur coat?

I have a penchant for picking out and photographing beautiful and luxurious things. As soon as I got my iPhone and downloaded Hipstamatic/Instagram all this got even easier. I'm 29 years old this year, love cats and all animals really and am usually spotted in a vintage floral dress and behind my Chloe Tilia cat-eyed sunglasses. Bliss to me is a Sunday by the poolside reading the National Geographic and some friends, and red velvet cake.

Holy smokes…Marchesa made my dream wedding evening gown. In valentine red.

…oh look at the ultra cool oranje necklace I picked up in tribute of my favorite team.

My current read is a book entitled “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown. Essentially it espouses what we have heard time and again - that less is more, that being unavailable may be a good thing and that making time to think and play is essential to regain control of one’s health, wellbeing and happiness.

I’m glad to say that it has already become my work philosophy to leave non-urgent work to the next day, to go for a 2 hour long lunch break (sometimes incorporating a walk after lunch, too), and to not schedule lunch appointments so I can have some alone time to think and reflect my next move.

Instead of meeting K whenever work gets heavy, I abstain and meet him only midweek, for dinner and our usual walk around the estate to find cats to play with. Frivolous as this may seem, it never fails to calm the both of us down and always leaves us in a more than good mood.

I don’t think I needed to read the book - someone once said “If no one’s dead or dying, it isn’t a matter worth stressing over.” I’ve kept that in mind ever since.

I was just thinking how this all started and I guess it was just because I wanted to make everything beautiful. I wanted to capture the things that people often miss, in the flurry of busy corporate life; to capture the little gems of color and life in our black and white world. I just wanted to inspire people to believe that life is beautiful, even though it may seem like it is fading away.

Vanilla bean panna cotta

Today I tried my hand at making panna cotta after finally getting my hands on gelatin sheets. Boy was it fascinating. As I didn’t have rosewater nor vanilla beans on hand I substituted using rose essence and a few drops of vanilla extract. Works just as good.