who stole my fur coat?

I have a penchant for picking out and photographing beautiful and luxurious things. As soon as I got my iPhone and downloaded Hipstamatic/Instagram all this got even easier. I'm 29 years old this year, love cats and all animals really and am usually spotted in a vintage floral dress and behind my Chloe Tilia cat-eyed sunglasses. Bliss to me is a Sunday by the poolside reading the National Geographic and some friends, and red velvet cake.

Scotch Naturals: I was early and K was in the gym til’ 8, so I decided to treat myself to a french manicure at the nail spa opposite while waiting for K to finish his workout before we met for dinner last night.

Lynn, my manicurist, introduced me to the new kid on the block in the nail spa scene - SCOTCH. This company does non-toxic, water based nail polish which is, according to my manicurist at Nour!sh Naturally, much less harmful than OPI varnishes as they contain less chemicals (no toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, acetone or heavy metals.

They come in an array of pleasing colors, from nudes to sparklies to bold colors. And the packaging is easy on the eyes, too.

Eco-friendly beauty, I say!