who stole my fur coat?

I have a penchant for picking out and photographing beautiful and luxurious things. As soon as I got my iPhone and downloaded Hipstamatic/Instagram all this got even easier. I'm 29 years old this year, love cats and all animals really and am usually spotted in a vintage floral dress and behind my Chloe Tilia cat-eyed sunglasses. Bliss to me is a Sunday by the poolside reading the National Geographic and some friends, and red velvet cake.


Went for my first (formaldehyde-free) Brazilian Blowout this evening post work.

My hairdresser, Gary, warned me that a Blowout doesn’t last as long as a rebond (approximately 3-4 months or even longer if you use the special keratin shampoo to maintain it and avoid swimming; a japanese rebond lasts 6 months and over) but that it is much healthier for the hair than a rebond as it actually nourishes your tresses by infusing keratin gold complex into it to repair the damaged follicles, while smoothing and straightening it at the same time. Googled “Brazilian Blowout” and apparently Nicole Richie is a devotee as well. I decided to take his (and Nicole’s) advice and tried it out.

The procedure was pretty much like a rebond, if not much more tolerable than a rebond as it is faster and doesn’t involve that horrid heat rotator going round your head for an entire hour. They first wash your hair with a special shampoo to strip it bare and expose the follicles, heap on a ton of keratin cream (which has a strong pungent smell like wasabi which made me suspicious that there were chemicals but Gary insisted there were none), seal it in with a special flat iron suited for the treatment, blow to set and then rinse off and blow to finish. Done deal.

I must say I’m pretty pleased with the fact that my hair is now in stellar condition after having the cell of my hair pumped with Keratin and 22 carat gold flecks, and no harsh chemicals and formaldehyde were present! Hell, it even reflects light! Bought some L’oreal Sulfate-Free shampoo after that to freshen up if need be. :)

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